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    December 31st ~ New Years Eve Sermon Highlights


    Bible Text ~ ( Psalm 33: 18-22 )!!

    The Message ~ "Pivot in this pandemic; Stay with GOD"

    1)  If your going to stay with GOD; you need to have respect and reverence for him.

    2)  If your going to stay with GOD; you need to lift him; he will rescue and restore you.

    3)  If your going to stay with GOD; then keep relying on GOD.  He knows everything we are going through.

    We are Bethlehem Strong - We are stronger together.....


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    Our Future Worship Services


    Due to the rise of COVID-19 and Omicron, cases in our communities, we must amend our future Worship Services.

    BMBC will be STREAMING LIVE w/ Pastor Jeffrey Bryan from our social medias platforms: Live Stream, Facebook, YouTube, and the conference call at 10AM.  Pastor wishes everyone to stay (Stay Prayful, Be Alert and Be Positive!!)

    We're inviting everyone to use our online giving tool "Givelify & Cashapp" for your tithes & offerings (available on Apple / Android platforms).

    May God always bless and keep you.

    Pastor Jeffrey & Leading Lady Kia Bryan


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    January 23rd ~ Sermon Highlights


    Bible Text ~ ( 1 Samuel 16: 11-13 )

    Streaming Live!  He is -our strength....stay connected.

    Title:  "Don't Overlook People!"

    1) Don't discount someone's age.

    2) Your field experience can lead you to future blessings.

    3) Your anointing will always come before the appointed.


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    Happy January Birthday to ALL


    Wishing everyone born in January a very Happy Birthday!

    Be Blessed!!

Upcoming Events

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    January 25th ~ Tuesday Bible Study

    Tuesday:   January 25th, 2022

    We invite you to Join us for virtual BIBLE STUDY.

    Tuesday, January 25th at 7pm.  We will be studying (Maturing in the Lord - We need to grow up) taught by Pastor Jeffrey Bryan.

    Zoom Meeting ID ~ 988 073 3216 or Dial-In (929) 205-6099 # 9880733216

    Thank you,

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    Wednesday Morning Inspiration ~

    Wednesday:   January 26th, 2022

    Everyone is Invited to Join Us for Wednesday Morning Inspiration.

    Every Wednesday at 7:15am - 7:25am!

    Before you start your day please join Pastor Jeffrey Bryan for your early morning inspiration.

    Conference Call # (605) 313-4464

    Access Code # 228766


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    Wednesday Noon Day Prayer

    Wednesday:   January 26th, 2022

    Join us every Wednesday at 12PM for Noon Day Prayer.

    Your invited to pray, meditate or quietly listen on the call line at (605) 313-4464; access code - 228766.

    Thank you,


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    First Saturday Prayer ~ February 5th

    Saturday:   February 5th, 2022

    All are welcome to attend.  (Pastor is asking ALL ministries to have at least 2 people from each ministry to attend).  We will begin at 7am sharp.

    Conference Call ~ (605) 313-4464

    Access Code ~ 228766

    Thank you,

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    February 6th ~ Virtual Communion

    Sunday:   February 6th, 2022

    Please join our "Virtual Communion" service Sunday, February 6th at 10AM.

    At Home ~ Prepare Your Own Communion

    Thank you,

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