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    Installation Service Highlights ~


    ~ 13th Moderator of The New Hope Missionary Baptist Association.

    Presented by Positive Community ~ if you didn't get a copy read it here!!

    Congratulations to our Pastor
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    The Importance of Tithing - LL Cool J


    ~Rapper and actor LL Cool J appeared for an interview where he discussed elements of his personal faith including his tithing.  When asked about his over 20 years career in the world of hip-hop and how he's been able to maintain relevance all these years with his music and acting in shows such as NCIS, he credited GOD and also discussed the importance of giving, more specifically tithing.  "I mentioned earlier longevity, versatility and originality," LL Cool J said. "What I didn't mention was spirituality and believing in GOD.

    He continued ~ "Every dime I get, no matter what it is, I give 10 percent to the church. I'm a life-long tither.  (Click below to read more)..


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    February 16th ~ Sermon Highlights


    Bible Text ~ (Mark 9:14-19)!! 

    The Message ~ "From the Mountain to the Valley"

    1) Don't allow your focus to shift from the kingdom business to your personal agenda.

    2) Just because you got a title doesn't mean you have power.

    3) Take it to JESUS because he has a proven record.



Upcoming Events

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    February 23rd ~ Black History at BMBC

    Sunday:   February 23rd, 2020

    Presented by our Youth Ministry ~

    To the parents and youth of BMBC, if your child would like to be apart of the Black History Program, please place their name (s) on the sign-up sheet in the vestibule. 

    Sister LaToya Walker, Youth Director will contact you with the rehearsal dates to prepare for the program.

    Thank you,



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    February 26th - LENT ~ A season of spiritual preparation!!

    Wednesday:   February 26th, 2020

    ~ We invite you to join the BMBC Family on a journey of Prayer & Fasting.  Beginning on Wednesday, February 26th ending on Sunday, April 12th at our Easter Sunday Sunrise Service 6AM.

    Prayer & Fasting is a spiritual discipline designed to better connect us with the LORD.  As a church, we are Fasting in order to deepen our relationship with GOD and to walk in step with the HOLY SPIRIT on a daily basis.

    Please join us!!

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    February 29th ~ 2020 Leadership | Workers Conference

    Saturday:   February 29th, 2020

    ~ Thank you to all those who have signed up!

    The conference will be Saturday, February 29th starting at 8AM hosted by the Community Baptist Church of Englewood, 224 First Street | Englewood, NJ.  Hosted by ~ Rev. Dr. Lester W. Taylor, Jr.

    Continental Breakfast and a Light Lunch will be served. 

    If you have any questions for concerns please contact our Church Clerk or Rev. Gilbert C. Young Jr.

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    March 8th - Rev. John Shore's Retirement Celebration

    Sunday:   March 8th, 2020

    BMBC goes  to New Ephesus Baptist Church, 175 Brookwood Street in East Orange for Rev. John Shore Jr.'s Retirement Celebration Service at 3PM.  (Guest Preacher: our own Rev. Jeffrey Bryan accompanied by the Unity Choir and members).

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    March 13th ~ Rev. Victor Little's First Pre-Anniversary Service

    Friday:   March 13th, 2020

    BMBC goes to White Rock Baptist Church in Linden for Rev. Victor Little's First Pre-Anniversary Service at 7PM.  (Guest Preacher:  our own Rev. Jeffrey Bryan accompanied by the Unity Choir and members).

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    March 15th ~ Pastor Jeffrey Bryan's 4th Pastoral Anniversary

    Sunday:   March 15th, 2020

    ~ We will be celebrating at the 7:45am service with (Guest Preacher: Rev. George A. Blackwell, III of Good Neighbor Baptist Church in Newark).

    At the 10am service with (Guest Preacher: Rev. John H. Gamble, Jr. of Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church in Newark). 

    Assessment for Pastors's Anniversary is $100; Thank you - The Helping Hands Ministry


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    March 21st ~ 100 Men in Black Program

    Saturday:   March 21st, 2020

    Will be held at 4PM - (Guest Preacher: Rev. Shawn T. Wallace, Sr. of St. John's Baptist Church, Scotch Plains).

    All men of BMBC are asked to attend and bring someone.  The women of BMBC are also invited to attend to support the men.

    Thank you - Deacon West Coleman, Jr., Chairperson.

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    March 28th ~ Bible Bowl 2020

    Saturday:   March 28th, 2020

    ~ New Hope Missionary Baptist Association, Inc. - Laymen's Movement presents:  Bible Bowl 2020 at BMBC - contestants:  1)  Must be a minimum age of nine (9) and maximum age of eighteen (18) - High School Student(s):  2)  College students are excluded and 3)  You must be an active member of a local Baptist Church of the New Hope Association.

    Note ~ There can only be one young man and one young lady per church.  (There are flyers and registration forms located in the vestibule of BMBC).

    Thank you,

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