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    February 17th ~ Sermon Highlights


    ~A powerful JESUS in the midst of doubting people!! (John 11:38-44)

    1) Don't give up hope when JESUS is around.

    2) GOD has to show the doubters in the crowd HIS devine destiny.

    3) Don't let your future be wrapped in dead things.

Upcoming Events

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    February 21st ~ Helping Hands Ministry Meeting

    Thursday:   February 21st, 2019

    ~6PM.  All members are asked to attend to discuss important business.  Thank you, Deacon Jerry Wimbush., Chairperson.


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    February 21st ~ Rev. M. A. Byrd Scholarship Committee

    Thursday:   February 21st, 2019

    ~ 7PM.  All members are asked to attend to discuss important business.  Thank you, Sister A. Jauna Odoms Mayo., Chairperson.

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    February 23rd ~ Leadership Conference

    Saturday:   February 23rd, 2019

    ~Will be held off site and the church will pay for the fee for all Ministry Leaders (all leaders are required to attend).  More information will be provided at a later time.  Please reach out to Katina Marks and sign up.

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    February 26th ~ Fasting Class

    Tuesday:   February 26th, 2019

    ~7PM.  To help members prepare for Lent which starts on March 6th.  Thank you, Pastor Jeffrey Bryan.

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    February 28th ~ Youth Ministry Meeting

    Thursday:   February 28th, 2019

    ~7PM.  Meeting with the Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and/or Guardians.

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    March 9th ~ Women's Ministry Meeting

    Saturday:   March 9th, 2019

    ~ Meeting will be held at 9AM for all BMBC women to discuss important business.  Thank you, First Lady Kia Bryan, Chairperson.

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    March 17th ~ Pastor Jeffrey Bryan's 3rd Pastoral Anniversary

    Sunday:   March 17th, 2019

    ~Pastor's 3rd Anniversary will be celebrated at both 8AM and 11AM services.

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    March 23rd ~ 100 Men in Black Program

    Saturday:   March 23rd, 2019

    ~ will be held at 4PM for more information contact Deacon West Coleman Jr., Chairperson.

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